SUPB hosts ‘Cupcake Wars’

January 22nd, 2015


Some might say that cupcakes, competition and friends are the key ingredients for a successful evening of fun. SUPB’s recent event, Cupcake Wars, held on Thursday, Jan. 15, had all these ingredients and more.


The event took place in the D.J. Lombardo Student Center Atrium. Tables were covered with sweet treats so students could make Food Network-worthy cupcakes. Decorating tools, candy (such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey Kisses), different colors of frosting and vanilla and chocolate cupcakes were all provided.


When asked why Food Network’s television competition series, “Cupcake Wars” served as inspiration for an event, freshman McKenna Cordier, who judged the competition, said, “People tend to like free food. It’s also a way to get everybody back into the school spirit. Also, ‘Cupcake Wars’ has always been a popular show.”


L&E Cupcake Wars

Students filled the atrium for the two hour event, relaxing after a long first week of classes but really getting into the competitive spirit. Participants could design as many cupcakes as they wished. Then, they had the chance to enter them into two rounds of judging. The first round was for the most creative cupcake. The second round was for the ugliest cupcake. Sophomores Zeanna Otis, Shannon Poppe, Lizzie Bove and Erin Hogan served as judges with Cordier.


Junior Andrew Wilson won the first round of the competition. Wilson made a cupcake of a palm tree built from Kit Kats and green frosting. The winner of the second round was freshman Sarah Cullo, who made a cupcake monster that appeared to be eating a variety of different colored frostings.


Otis said that “as this event [Cupcake Wars] continues, it is going to progress more. Maybe there will be new ideas for rounds, themes and decorations.”


SUPB confirmed that it plans to make Cupcake Wars an annual event.


SUPB has kicked off the semester with an event that allowed students to taste the fun of Cupcake Wars on JCU’s campus. Students can look forward to more weekly SUPB events in the future.