Obama tightens cyber laws after hacks

January 22nd, 2015



Recent hacks on both Sony Pictures and the Pentagon’s official Twitter and YouTube accounts have led President Obama to call for tighter legislation regarding cyber security in the United States.


According to The Washington Post, this marks the government’s latest attempts at stopping the increasing number of cyber attacks on America’s corporations and government services. New legislative proposals and an executive order have both been drafted along with proposed plans to combat the steadily increasing problem.

James B. Comey

The intent of the newly proposed legislation is to increase the data and information shared about cyber threats and attacks between the private sector and the government, as well as updating the legal framework used to prosecute cyber criminals.


The government has called for an increasing number of changes to cyber security as a result of the increasing threat of cyber attacks in the last five years. According to The Washington Post, report of cyber “incidents” to the department of Homeland Security has risen from 105,931 in 2009 to 228,700 in 2013. The severity of the so-called incidents has risen, too.


The Washington Post reported that most of the government’s current focus regarding cyber security has revolved around protecting the 16 sectors that make up the “critical infrastructure” such as water treatment plants, the electrical grid and financial networks.


Discussions on the new policies are ongoing, but Obama hopes to push new legislation through in the coming months.


Editor’s Note: Information from The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and the BBC was used in this report.