The price of education

December 11th, 2014



Every year, John Carroll University proves to be a college of academic excellence. A total of 411 professors drive this success with their dedication to scholarship and their commitment to student learning. However, 52 percent of these professors are grossly underpaid for their efforts. Part-time professors are excluded from the benefits that full-time professors enjoy, including health benefits, job security and the possibility of a six-figure salary. Part-time professors at JCU average between $17,000-$21,000 per year as compensation for their work.


For a private university with beautiful, new facilities, a large price tag and a generous alumni base, JCU must take necessary steps to better to support its faculty. A conversation about adequate compensation for professors needs to begin now, not later. Many part-time professors, despite long hours of teaching and grading, find themselves unable to pay their bills and make ends meet. These facts, coupled with little prospect for upward mobility, leave one option: increasing part-time compensation.


One of JCU’s basic tenets is its commitment to service. While many of JCU’s service efforts set their sights outside of the University, efforts need to begin here – on campus. This means addressing part-time professors’ pay, which ranks at or near the poverty line.


The only way to find a solution to this problem is to begin the conversation. This conversation must be campus-wide, and, most importantly, include the underpaid professors. Since the goal of a university is to educate its students, it only makes sense that all educators be properly provided for. Thus, any possible solution must be discussed and effectively pursued within the current academic year.