No BCS, same controversy

December 11th, 2014

Everybody hated the BCS. I personally wasn’t one of those people, but I’m all in favor of a playoff. It definitely makes things more fun.


But what most people hated about the BCS is that everything was decided by computers and algorithms, not real people.


Now, we have a nine-person committee meeting weekly to discuss games and release rankings. This led up to what transpired this past Sunday – the release of the final four.


As I’m sure most of you saw, the final four matches up No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 4 Ohio State  and No. 2 Oregon vs. No. 3 Florida State.


Both of those games are going to be incredible, I’m sure, but in the process of putting in those four teams, the committee left out two clear national title contenders in Baylor and TCU.


TCU fans have a lot to be angry about. They were above OSU every week since the first rankings were released, sitting as high as number three just last week.


Then, after defeating Iowa State, 55-3, TCU dropped three spots behind Florida State, OSU and Baylor.


On the other hand, Baylor, who beat TCU earlier this year, has been on the outside looking in for every ranking that has come out, and looked to be in pole position after defeating No. 9  Kansas State last weekend and securing the Big 12 title.


Yet, Baylor was also jumped by Ohio State.


In my opinion, Baylor should’ve been granted the fourth and final spot in the playoff, but that’s not my problem.


My problem lies with how and by what criteria these nine committee members are selecting the teams and their weekly release of the rankings.


At least with the BCS,we knew how everything was judged. With the committee, they set parameters, but at the end of the day, they can do whatever they want.


This whole thing might make sense to some people. Yet, I just don’t see the reasoning behind it all.


I don’t see how Florida State, a team that hasn’t lost in two years and is the defending national champion, is forced to travel across the country to play essentially an away game.


I don’t see how the Buckeyes jumped Baylor and TCU after TCU destroyed a team they were supposed to, and Baylor handled at top-10 team.


I understand the committee wants to stress conference champions, but if they were going to make such a big deal about a conference championship game, they should’ve  stated that before they released the rankings.


Nothing’s perfect.


I think we’re headed in the right direction, but some things need to be straightened out.


I want clarity.


Is that too much to ask?