[Insert goodbye title here]

December 11th, 2014


After all the deadlines, articles and columns I endured over the last year, I’ve made it to my last issue of The Carroll News. I don’t know what a goodbye column entails, but I am grateful that I’m writing one at all.


Although a lot of people pick up the school paper every week, I’m not sure they know just how much work it takes to produce one issue. Meetings are Thursdays, and my first deadline is Sunday.


Stories have to be thought of, assigned, written and edited by the end of the weekend. If you want a social life, you should probably try to factor that in somewhere.


Then, the editors work tirelessly to design the layout for their pages, fact check their stories and put their pages through a series of seven different checks to make sure the pages are as clean as they can be.


But this takes three days, on top of taking a 15 or 18-credit semester and meeting with any other organizations you may be involved in on campus. Wednesday through Saturday is our time off. And, even then, we’re working on the next issue.


Becoming an editor was a different trip entirely. I only worked here as a copy editor and staff reporter for about a month and a half before I was asked to become the assistant editor of this section.  I worked really hard, so I got the full editor position.


I essentially had to establish a column name and tone right away, which made things interesting.


The staff had a good time helping me pick a column name that pertained to Katie, including sports editor Jake Hirschmann. Jake’s Take was supposed to be a thing, but I realized Jake and Katie have similar-sounding first syllables. So I stole it and named this Katie’s Take, for which I take full responsibility.


I had a rough time establishing this section as mine at first, since I didn’t have an assistant and I learned to create the layout and edit pictures on my own.

But I had a great support system in the newsroom. I can’t stress how much they helped me. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it if you care enough about what you’re doing.


I encourage anyone who has an interest in working here to attend the first meeting next semester. The editors welcome all interests – whether it be writing, proofreading (a stretch, I know), layout/design, photography or just showing up to see what the paper is about.


It’s great experience to work at a college newspaper. And, your résumé won’t hate it, either. And I won’t lie, seeing your name in print is pretty satisfying. Just consider it.


Not that the orchestra is signaling me to wrap things up or anything, but thank you to my professors, coworkers and friends for supporting me through my position as editor.


I’d especially like to thank my roommates for cutting out my column every week and hanging it up on our fridge. Parents, too. I have every confidence that my successor, sophomore Morgan Osheka, will do wonderful things for Life & Entertainment.


I had a great experience working here and I can’t wait to see what the new editor has in store.

Enjoy the last weekend, good luck on your finals and have a wonderful winter break.