Homes for sale in Walt Disney World

December 11th, 2014

Imagine waking up in the morning and walking outside to Sleepy the dwarf snoozing on a bench. As you stand there, transportation pulls up to your house, and you are transferred to the magical world of Walt Disney.


It is now possible to make this dream a reality by choosing to live in the new luxury community at Walt Disney World.


Disney’s newest venture in real estate, called Golden Oak, is a gated community of about 450 homes, located along Lake Buena Vista in Florida. These million-dollar custom single-family homes, built to encompass Old Florida architecture with styling influences from Europe and the Caribbean, come with fantastic bonuses. These include passes to the theme parks, transportation to and from the parks and extended park hours. Residents also have access to the community clubhouse, complete with a restaurant and concierge.


The interior of the homes features marble countertops, the latest kitchen appliances, private turquoise pools and much more.

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Each home is unique in the sense that owners can decide to incorporate the Mickey Mouse silhouette, along with other Disney references, into the design of the homes. Children can live in their ideal bedroom, decorated with their favorite Disney characters, such as Cinderella’s mice or Peter Pan’s shadow.


These homes start at $1.7 million dollars, with some being sold for as much as $7 million.


The community also highlights the Disney theme throughout the local parks and streets. Bronze statues of Disney characters, from Princess Ariel, to buddies Bambi and Thumper, roam throughout the neighborhood, adding a little bit of magic and charm to each corner.


Editor’s Note: Information from ABC News, The Huffington Post and was used in this article.