Letter to the Editor 11/20/2014

November 20th, 2014


Written on behalf of the Student Union Programming Board


The Student Union Programming Board wants to thank The Carroll News for the article in last week’s issue regarding the new structure of the executive board, including the stipend. We believe that the change is necessary to address the programming needs of the John Carroll student body.


The board is one of the largest student-run and university sponsored organizations on campus in terms of budget, executive members and general members. We design and implement late night, alternative programming from movie nights, bingos and concerts to dances and themed craft and activity nights. Our interaction and publicity with students is well known and we have a positive impact on the university. Over the past semester, we have planned and implemented over 30 events, with an increase in student attendance at these events. In the coming semester, we will be adding 12 events to the total, as the need for more programming has arisen.


Our mission is to continue to provide the best programming we can, and furthering our mission to provide quality programming for students on campus. Our executive board works tirelessly, even making sacrifices financially, to make sure that we put on amazing events. It is not simply about working on an event as we are constantly generating new ideas to cater to the students, promoting and selling tickets in the atrium and a number of other responsibilities that go beyond the job description.


The decision to include a small stipend, as part of the job was anything but arbitrary, but to better enhance our operations and better provide for the student body. Also, it is not about rewarding executive members, but to give them a small thank you for the countless amount of work they put in, as well an incentive to keep improving the efforts of SUPB. Executive board positions work somewhat like internships and work positions, and the stipend will solidify responsibilities within the executive board.


SUPB is going to have an exciting and revolutionary year in many ways next semester. There are many changes in store for the operations of the organization as well as changes in how we plan and craft our events. We are, more than ever, aware of the position we hold as an organization, our responsibility to provide quality weekend social and late night programming on campus and have been dedicated to providing the best events we can for the best campus.


To us, it is not about making money or receiving a stipend, or even the events themselves. It is about being able to see students enjoy themselves and have a good time at our events. It is about engaging with each other and continuing to see the joy people receive at the events we have implemented. The feeling is priceless.