Humans of John Carroll 11/20/2014

November 20th, 2014


Barista, gamer, environmental enthusiast – these are just a few of the roles filled by sophomore Ese Osaghae at John Carroll University.


Osaghae came to JCU because he attended to a Jesuit high school and wanted another Jesuit experience.


“I enjoy the fact that I can say hello to everyone, and the small school environment promotes friendship,” said Osaghae.


Osaghae came to John Carroll University from Chicago. He is a physics major with an environmental science minor.


“I want to be an environmental science engineer and an environmental awareness specialist. Ever since I was a kid, I appreciate the world’s beauty, and it’s important to preserve it,” said Osaghae. He is passionate about the environment and believes that physics will help him gain a better understanding of the world.


Physics professor Anthony Roy Day has inspired Osaghae.


“I felt that in high school I drifted by with skills in science and math, but I wasn’t transferring that over in college. After office hours one day, he asked me if I was really trying. He made me re-evaluate my effort and realize that you can be a big picture person, but need to try to pay attention to small picture details,” said Osaghae. Hard work, paired with his passion for saving the environment, makes him a top student.


Outside of the classroom, Osaghae prepares and serves coffee and blended drinks at the Cubby. His favorite Cubby drink is the Voodoo. He says his coworkers are like family, all sharing the same quirky personality.


Osaghae shared two aspects of his life that most of his fellow students may not know about him. First, he loves yoga and has been doing it with his mother since high school. He enjoys the overall calmness and zen of the activity. Secondly, he is also an avid gamer. Osaghae’s favorite video game is Super Smash Bros., which he plays in local tournaments. He hopes to compete nationally one day.


Building relationships at JCU is important to Osaghae. He is a member of several organizations on campus, including LASA (Latin American Student Association), Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, the Environmental Issues Group and the Society of Physics Students. Osaghae says last year’s LASA dance was his favorite event of his college career. He and his friend, sophomore Carlos Cruz, started a dance circle and encouraged everyone on the dance floor to join in.


“It felt fitting to do this with your friends, specifically Carlos. I felt at home with them,” Osaghae said. He added he felt like he was with family and a true part of the community.


Right now, Osaghae plans to run for student union senate and hopes to study abroad in Germany this summer.