Humans of John Carroll: The 2014-2015 Student Union Executive Board

November 13th, 2014

President Cole Hassay

Junior Cole Hassay plans to use his passion for politics and vast leadership experience to help improve students’ overall college experience.

Hassay’s double major in political science and economics, as well as his roles as current vice president of student organizations and vice president of brotherhood for Beta Theta Pi fraternity, keep him busy on campus. This past summer, he interned in Washington, D.C. with Congressman Bill Johnson and the Ways & Means Committee.

When inaugurated in January, Hassay has clear goals in mind. “I’m looking to implement a five-point plan,” said Hassay.

“This includes creating a transparent Student Union, creating an efficient and balanced budget, dining reforms, facility improvements and diversity initiatives.”

Some of the initiatives that fall under the plan include reforming parking procedures, varying dining options, extending the hours in the Corbo Room and approaching diversity issues from a new perspective.

President-elect Hassay encourages student to approach him with their opinions and concerns.


Executive Vice President Paul Campbell

Junior Paul Campbell ran for office with the intention of building John Carroll University’s legacy.

“I love JCU, and am excited to hear the issues that are concerning students from all diverse backgrounds, while figuring out ways to increase the overall well-being at John Carroll,” Campbell said.

When he’s not studying marketing and entrepeneurship, Campbell hopes to increase attendance at varsity sporting events, encourage professors to record their lectures and post them for students to access, as well as improve the shuttle system.

Although Campbell has served as a senator in Student Union, this is his first time on an executive board.

“I have a lot to learn about the position, and how I can best use it to serve the students,” said Campbell. “However, I look forward to the challenges we might face, and will strive to overcome them.”

VP of Business Affairs Deane Stillwagon

According to sophomore Deane Stillwagon, his ultimate intent is to better the student body by giving fellow students a voice.

“Whether it is allocating funds for improvements in the Corbo Room, or allocating funds toward immersion experiences,” said Stillwagon. “I ran for the position so every student at John Carroll would have their voice heard in the allocation process.”

While pursuing a major in finance and a minor in Spanish, Stillwagon hopes to bring the skills he developed at John Carroll to his position on the board. On campus, he currently serves as a class senator and alumni relations chairman for Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

Upon entering office, Stillwagon hopes to allocate the SAF budget to the needs of the students according to the success of the programs in the past.

“If programs put on by specific allocations are performing well and show a demand by the student body, then clearly the allocation needs to be met,” said Stillwagon. “I will be fair, and keep in mind the needs and interests of every student at John Carroll.”

Stillwagon adds that he is eager to start his term. “I am passionate about student government,” he said, “and I know I will be able to make a difference for the better once I start this position.”

VP of Judicial Affairs Noble Churovia

After serving on the hearing board for two semesters, junior Noble Churovia decided to take a chance and run for Vice President of Judicial Affairs. “The hearing board does really great things,” said Churovia. “So, when the opportunity came up to run for the position, I decided to give it a go.”

As the newly elected head of the hearing board, Churovia’s ultimate goal is to make an impact on others.

“When a justice joins the hearing board, it can be overwhelming,” said Churovia. “My plan is to train all of the students on the board to explain the process, so they have a better understanding of what we’re supposed to do.”

Churovia feels that having an educated hearing board will help the sanctions overall.

“We need to understand where the students are coming from when they tell us why they’re there and what happened so we can better understand what we need to do to help them so they don’t repeat the behavior they displayed,” she explained.

Inside the classroom, Churovia is a criminology major with a minor in forensic behavioral science. In addition to being the newly elected VP of Judicial Affairs, she serves as president of the on-campus chapter of Autism Speaks and is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority.

VP of Student Organizations Will Hudson

Newly elected Vice President of Student Organizations, sophomore Will Hudson, has one specific goal in mind: creating awareness on campus.

“One of my main duties is to oversee the operation of the Student Organization Budget Board,” said Hudson. “My hope is to let student organizations know that they can come to us for funding for events, service days or general operations. We’re here, and we’re willing to support them.”

Once Hudson assumes the position, he’s looking forward to creating more of a dialogue between the JCU Student Union and the student organizations. “We want to hold more seminars in order to improve communication,” Hudson said. “It’s something we’ve done in the past, but not as often as we could’ve.”

Hudson, a political science major and business minor, is also the ritual chairman in Beta Theta Pi fraternity, and will be going on an immersion trip to El Salvador.

VP of Programming Matt Hribar

Junior Matt Hribar, is determined to start a new era that he calls the “#SUPBRenaissance.”

“My goals are to maximize efficiency within the executive board and with our general membership base, with organizing the new positions and raising expectations, transform our office space into truly an office space and not a storage space, continue to provide maximum programming to the organization’s full potential and solidify the marketing campaigns and the publicity power that SUPB has as an organization,” said Hribar.

Hribar is a double major in communication and sociology. In addition to SUPB, he is the president of JCTV4, the head of diversity and student inclusion committee, a class senator, diversions editor for The Carroll News, a member of Lambda Chi Fraternity and an Arrupe Scholar.