Grasselli Library extends hours

November 13th, 2014



The Grasselli Library and Breen Learning Center will begin to offer longer operation hours for current students and faculty. Starting Sunday Nov. 16, the library hours will now be Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m, Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. In addition to the time adjustments, a Carroll Card will be the only way to access the building after 9 p.m.


Upon receiving many requests to change or extend times throughout the years, a team of workers at the library decided the school would benefit from new changes. Head of Access Services and supervisor to student workers, Adam Green, Outreach and Student Engagement librarian, Amy Wainwright, and Director of Grasselli Library, Michelle Millet, began working with other organizations on campus to make the transition possible.


Green stated that collaborating with the ITS Department and Student Union made their project more attainable.


“Everything ran smoothly,” said Green. “It was a good collaboration. It took some time to get staffers for the extended hours, but it will be an easy transition.


“We have hired two graduate students to cover the late night hours,” he added. “This way, there will always be someone on duty. The students’ safety is our number one concern.”


Green explained that the graduate students will begin their shift at 11:45 p.m. and end at 2 a.m.


“This won’t make a change for current staffers. I think the later hours provide more of a job for the security patrol, which are students trained by JCUPD who escort students back to their dorm, if they feel uneasy about walking alone at night,” added Green.


Junior Shalawn Slaughter is a student worker at the library, and has been working there since the beginning of her freshman year.


“I actually felt like the hours should have been a lot longer, but I know it doesn’t depend on a few students,” said Slaughter. “If a huge student population wanted longer hours, then there would be a need for longer hours.”


Slaughter gave an example of a previous adjustment the library made to its hours.


“A lot of patrons don’t really like the shortened hours for Friday, but the only reason we had them shortened in the first place was because we noticed fewer and fewer students have come in on Friday to stay after and do homework,” Slaughter added. “Maybe five or six would come in.”


Some students who utilize the Grasselli Library expressed positive feedback about the new changes.


“It gives students the ability to be more flexible with their schedules and study habits,” said junior Catherine Engel.


“I am very indifferent about the library hours, but I think it is a positive change for the school and the students,” said junior Kelly Kingston.


Wainwright, a librarian and key collaborator in this effort, expressed her satisfaction with the changes.


“I’ve only been here for about a year, but I have heard that that is something students have been asking for,” said Wainwright.


“Campus ITS has been involved, with the basic programming of it all,” added Wainwright. “I would definitely say the Carroll Card office has significantly helped as well, in terms of rolling out the actual changes to the IDs, which is why this is possible. “


Wainwright also mentioned the role social media played in their plans for the library. “We are pretty active on Facebook and Twitter. Mostly, those are our two primary media sources. We haven’t done any major posting, but we have given little hints about it over the last month or two,” said Wainwright.


“We have been kind of waiting to do a full out announcement about it until we really cemented the date that it was going to happen. We will start this week really posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter about all of this happening,” Wainwright said.


“If anything, our biggest concern is tailgating, I guess,” said Wainwright. “We really want to make this building safe and secure, that is our number one priority.”


“We definitely want to make sure everybody knows that as you tap to let yourself into the building, make sure that you aren’t necessarily letting other people into the building behind you, which I think is pretty standard across the residence halls on campus. So, it’s normal but we want absolutely everyone to be secure in the building,” said Wainwright. “The library patrol will ensure only JCU members are in the building after 9 p.m.,” added Wainwright.


“Everyone is excited for the new transition because it is providing more jobs and it will help with students’ success. Hopefully it will work out well,” added Green.