Cuyahoga County Executive: Armond Budish, a lifelong Clevelander

October 30th, 2014



Armond Budish

After living in Cleveland all of his life, Armond Budish has Cuyahoga County in his heart. Now running for county executive, Budish is a family man with a wife, two sons and a goal to improve Cuyahoga County.


Budish received his bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and his law degree from New York University Law School. In 1993, Budish founded the Budish, Solomon, Steiner & Peck law firm and continues his work there as an attorney, according to his official campaign website. His main focus in law enforcement has been helping families work with governmental programs and disability. For the past 14 years, Budish has hosted “Golden Opportunities,” a television program for seniors and families. In addition, Budish wrote a column called “You and the Law” for 24 years for The Plain Dealer and the Columbus Dispatch.


It wasn’t until 2006 that Budish entered into politics and became the representative for Ohio’s 8th District in the state legislature. In 2009, Budish was elected Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, and he served as the Democratic Leader of the House for two terms.


Dr. Colin Swearingen, a John Carroll University political science professor explained, “Budish is very well connected politically.”


Now Armond Budish is running for county executive. He has four main goals his campaign website says he wants to achieve, should he win the race against his Republican opponent Jack Schron. According to his official campaign website, Budish intends to strengthen Cuyahoga County’s economy, create educational training opportunities to fit the openings in the job market, increase promotion to the rest of the country about opportunities in Ohio, and collaborate with other cities to improve the economy and use of resources.


“I’m not sure of Budish’s plan and how that separates him from Schron,” said Swearingen. He added, “Schron will do well, but not well enough.”


Budish has remained the front-runner during the race for county executive and has been running a low-key campaign.


Sean Calhoun, a John Carroll student and political science major said, “Budish has done well. He’s very accomplished and I think that may be why his campaign is low profile. He doesn’t really need the high profile campaign to reach people.”


Budish has failed to respond to the Citizens League of Greater Cleveland questionnaire or submit a video interview, unlike his opponent. Attempts to reach out to Budish for an interview for this story also got no response.


Though Budish was unavailable, his past interviews have been rich with information for the public. In an interview with Nick Castele at the Idea Center, Budish explained his plan in more detail.


“Employers are telling us they can’t find employees with the right skills and training to fill those jobs. What we need to do is make sure that we better align the education and training with the jobs that are open,” he said.


He also explained his stance on venture capital: “We are currently facing a capital crisis. We need funds to be coming into — private funds to be coming into Northeast Ohio to support our startup businesses, and that is very important.”


In the same interview, Budish stated, “I’m not considering anything else but running and winning and doing what I can for the county. This is a very important position.”


“There’s a lot we can do as a county, I’m totally focused on doing that right now, and helping the people of this county succeed.”