Court of Common Pleas: Francine Goldberg running hard

October 30th, 2014



Francine “Frankie” Goldberg

Imagine being a councilwoman, working as an assistant county prosecutor, speaking to community groups and organizations, participating in a major holiday parade, campaigning night and day, and still having time for a husband and four children. This is the schedule of Francine Goldberg, candidate for judge in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas.


With experience in the Major Trial Unit, the Cold Case Unit, the Community Prosecution Unit, and the Elder Abuse and Exploitation Unit, Francine “Frankie” Goldberg has a wealth of experience. She seeks a judgeship in the Domestic Relations Division of the Court of Common Pleas.


Though Goldberg won 72 percent of the votes in the Democratic primary, her opponent Janet Rath Colaluca is a strong candidate as well. Colaluca was appointed in 2012 by the current governor of Ohio, John Kasich, to replace judge Kathleen O’Malley after her death. In view of this, Colaluca chose a bold campaign slogan: “Stick with Experience.” She has many endorsements.


Goldberg says she is not fazed by the fact that her opponent was appointed by the governor and has two years of experience as a judge. Goldberg has 22 years of experience as a prosecutor and years of public service as a member of University Heights City Council and, for a time, deputy mayor.


“No matter who I ran against, I would run hard,” Goldberg says.


Goldberg considers herself a lifelong Democrat. Her dedication to getting her message to the public drives her, Goldberg says, so she is more concerned with her campaign than her opponent’s.


“I enjoy campaigning and engaging with people all over Cuyahoga,” says Goldberg. “Running for office is an endurance contest. You have to have a lot of determination.”


Goldberg admits that she faces obstacles but says, “It is an honor and a privilege to run and be a part of that process.”


Goldberg has dedicated much of her spare time to organizations that deal with helping victims of abuse or domestic violence, such as Operation Child Protect and the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. If elected, Goldberg says she intends to aid at-risk persons so if they feel threatened, they will have the opportunity to secure a protection order, even during hours when the courthouse is closed.


Goldberg cites compassion, fairness and good judgment as her best qualities. Her most important goal, she says, is to use these traits to send a positive message and win the faith of Cuyahoga County voters.


To Goldberg, being a prosecutor, debating policies with different organizations, marching in a parade and leading a strong campaign while raising a family are all parts of her desire to show the community she is anxious to serve as a judge in Cuyahoga County’s court system.