I want to ride my bicycle

October 21st, 2014


Bicycles: we’ve all had one. They helped to define our childhoods, providing us with limitless adventure. For many, myself included, a learning to ride a bicycle represents one of the first major obstacles we had to overcome. Learning to ride a bike was no small task, and when we finally managed to figure it out, we were hit with a wave of satisfaction and accomplishment like nothing we had felt before. To many, bicycles continue to represent that joy. Heck, a little band called Queen wrote a whole song about bikes. Maybe you’ve even heard it before.


To many others, however, a bicycle is viewed in the simplest terms possible, and in the terms with which it is purposed; as a form of transportation. In a day and age when nearly most of us are able to drive, and several of us even own cars, bicycles are often pushed to the wayside when people think of transportation. However, bikes have some important advantages over cars. For one, it’s cheap. The upkeep on a bike isn’t expensive, and a bike never requires gasoline priced at nearly four dollars a gallon. Secondly, riding a bike reduces your carbon footprint. When you aren’t putting dangerous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, you’re doing the environment a great favor. Lastly, riding a bike is good for you. It’s a quicker, less painful alternative to running, and provides an opportunity that going to the gym or running on the treadmill cannot; getting to experience the great outdoors. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “That’s great and all, but I don’t own a bike.” However, there is a solution.


The John Carroll University Bike Co-Op is a partnership between the Rec Desk and the Environmental Issues Group. If you decide that you’d like to rent a bike, all you have to do is give the Rec Desk your student ID, and they give you the keys to a bike. The program has been well received by students. Grace Donnelly, a junior here at JCU said that the Bike Co-Op was a great program. “I don’t have a car,” said Donnelly, “so it allows me to work off campus.” So, want to go to Target? Rent a bike. Want to exercise? Rent a bike. Want to make a positive impact on the environment? Rent a bike. I promise you, it is a decision that you won’t regret.