Fall Pause

October 21st, 2014


Unlike most of you, I will not be going back home this weekend. For me, home is my parents’ separate houses 30 miles from each other, the two cats that reside in each one and my angst-filled brother in his senior year making the same tough decisions I had to make two years ago. No, I’m afraid home is 300 miles too far for me this weekend.


But that’s okay. I have friends here who can take me in for the three days school is shut down. I suppose that it’s not shut down, it’s fall break. I would add quotations, but the fact is that we have three days to go home, see the family, eat home-cooked meals and relax after the first half of the fall semester. At least, that’s what it’s meant to be.


The people I know who get to go home are either ready to make the two long trips from here to home and back, or live close enough that they could theoretically go home every weekend anyway.


Well, I’m sorry, Chicago, but I can’t take the 14 cumulative hours of sitting on a Megabus again to only be there for two days.


My point isn’t that I don’t want to go home. It is that I cannot go home because this break isn’t long enough for me.


I hear other students make derisive comments about the duration of our break, and all I can do is agree with them. I don’t think three days is enough.


Am I not the least bit grateful for the break? Of course not. Even in my sophomore year here, I still get a little bit cheerful when I see when the breaks are and make a mental note of them. But I want more of that time to go home and see the family, and these three days just aren’t enough for me to get in that mode of relaxation.


I am probably just being selfish, or maybe it’s on the mind of everyone else at this school. Either way, there’s no changing the fact. I’m lucky enough to crash with some friends here, and I’m sure I can Skype home any time I need to talk. If you’re looking for me after Thursday, I’ll be at my roommate’s house watching “Parks and Rec” whilst going through post-midterm stress.


And for everyone, have a great fall break!