Run, not walk, to the nearest computer

October 9th, 2014

Recently, the Office of Alumni Relations rolled out the JCU Student Mentoring Network. This program aims to give students the opportunity to connect with John Carroll University alumni, who have similar interests, for advice about post-graduate opportunities.


The program, which can be found on John Carroll’s website, only requires that users are current or recent John Carroll students with a registered JCU email address. From there, students can search for mentors using the various filters such as “fields of expertise” or “activities of interest.”


Every student, without exception, should explore this website and take advantage of its opportunities. This is the perfect application for turning an education into a post-graduate opportunity. Undergraduate students and recent graduates are best served by this program. This gives students a forum to directly interact with alumni who relate to students on various levels or through various interests. Students can reach out to multiple contacts in a variety of fields for information and advice for the future at any time.


Furthermore, the Office of Alumni Relations should be applauded for its efforts. Networking is often a difficult task for students. This program removes the hassle of finding and connecting with potential networking contacts, placing students in the driver’s seat.


This office exemplifies the ideal University department because it puts students first. The fact that it made such efforts to ease the networking process is highly commendable. Since it is a free service offered to students, there is no reason that students should not take full advantage.


Therefore, students should run, not walk, to the nearest computer to register for this important program. Through this program, students gain access to one of the least tangible, but most critical, tools for creating a career path.