B.J. Novak debuts children’s book

October 9th, 2014

Many know B.J. Novak as Ryan Howard from the “mocumentary” known as “The Office.” Now, Novak has used his comedic talent to write a children’s book entitled, “The Book With No Pictures,” designed entirely with no pictures.


This is Novak’s first children’s book. Both funny and creative, this book, according to Entertainment Weekly, is guaranteed to make you laugh. A children’s book with no pictures may appear to be a boring read, but Novak used his humor to put a unique spin on the book.


Novak asks the reader to read everything on the page aloud and exactly how it is written.


“The Book With No Pictures” is filled with silly songs and goofy words that are sure to make any serious, adult reader sound foolish to children.


Novak has found a way to entertain children through words alone. According to an interview with E! Entertainment, Novak views his children’s book as a “gateway drug to literature.”


Novak hopes that children will be able to see how powerful and mischievous words can be without illustrations. In an interview with the Atlantic, Novak said, “I really love getting a kid to laugh. It’s so validating. The real humor of the book is the way it plays on the bond between the adult and the child.”


“The Book With No Pictures” uses color, fun fonts and the intricate placing of words to help cue the humor throughout the story. “It was important to me that the words look friendly and inviting,” explained Novak.

L&E BJ Novak Children's Book

Novak is the first author of a text-only book for children, namely preschoolers. Novak wished to share his true love for text with kids everywhere.


“Reading to me, at its most fundamental level, is freedom,” said Novak. “Everyone who grows up loving books truly is much better off in life. The more curious you are about books, the more you self-educate.”


Editor’s Note: Information from The Atlantic, Entertainment Weekly and E! Entertainment was used in this article.