‘We the People’ receives $50,000: CSSA’s program awarded Honor Project Trust grant

September 25th, 2014

John Carroll University’s ‘We the People’ service program received a generous grant from the Honor Project Trust on Sept. 4.


The Honor Project Trust is an organization dedicated to giving money to charitable organizations in Ohio that have a positive impact on society. This year alone, the Honor Project Trust gave $6 million to over 250 organizations statewide.


‘We the People’ is a service program dedicated to educating Cleveland students about the Constitution, U.S. government and civic engagement. Teams of JCU tutors visit schools in Cleveland and East Cleveland, teaching students in a range of grades.



The organization is divided into three programs. ‘We the People’ teaches fourth and fifth graders about the Constitution and citizenship. At the end of the school year, JCU hosts a mock congressional hearing that the students prepare for with the help of the tutors.


The second program, ‘Youth for Justice,’ is targeted at eighth graders, promoting positive change in their communities. Students examine problems in their communities and brainstorm  possible solutions. The tutors assist the students with researching the issue and help create a solution that is presented to a panel of judges at the JCU Youth for Justice Symposium in May.


The final program, ‘Project Citizen,’ helps 10th graders work towards policy change. Students identify a problematic policy in their communities and create a proposed policy change. The proposition is presented at the Project Citizen Presentation Day at JCU in May.


‘We the People’ applied for the Honor Project Trust grant, and was awarded $50,000. The program works with a number of schools throughout Cleveland and plans to use the money to buy new textbooks for all the partner classrooms.


Additionally, a portion of the money will go towards purchasing iPads to be used in each of the classrooms. Overall, this will benefit the students as well as the volunteers.


Senior We the People tutor Moira Kelley said, “Everyone is so excited about the grant because it’s going to make working in the classrooms much more interactive. There is so much more that can be done with technology so the ability to buy the iPads for the classrooms is going to make it a lot easier to get things done.” She added, “Overall, having the grant is just going to expand the program so much more.”


The grant will help enrich the students’ projects as well as their education. The iPads will make it easier for students to research within the classroom and help make a greater impact in their communities.