Proceed with Caution

September 25th, 2014


Earlier this week, the John Carroll University Parking Office came under fire for accidentally sending out an email to the entire student body about one student’s unpaid parking tickets. Students soon took to social media to voice their complaints and try their hand at humor about the issue. Some students, in fact, suggested that JCU Parking waive her parking tickets as reparation for the public mistake on their part. Since then, students have continued to criticize JCU Parking.


The only action JCU Parking should be responsible for is apologizing to the student who was named in the email. Waiving parking tickets would remove the accountability from the individual who continuously violated well-known rules. The Parking Office’s mistake was certainly unfortunate, but mistakes do happen. JCU Parking’s mistake shouldn’t excuse violators from answering for their own mistakes. This is a rare error and is unlikely to happen again.


In the flurry of tweets and Yik Yak posts about this incident, students have proven that they can be quick to criticize. But, before students scrutinize the JCU Parking too heavily, they should consider the improvements that this office has made in recent years.


The parking lot was expanded between the Dolan Center for Science and Technology and the Boler School of Business, offering more spaces for students and faculty. Additionally, speed bumps have been created near crosswalks on campus to protect students and drivers. Finally, the University has become more cautious about who it allows on campus, by attending to the entrances and sending out John Carroll police officers to patrol parking lots for unauthorized cars.


Students should excuse this isolated mistake and limit criticisms of the Parking Office. In the future, the Parking Office should be more cautious about their emails. Similarly, students should be more cautious about being so quick to judge.