Why should I go to this sophomore checkup thing?

September 18th, 2014


Nina Garcia-Wasnich


Sophomore students received more than just tuition bills in the mail this summer. They also got postcards reminding them about their “checkup,” sent from John Carroll’s Center for Career Services. These checkups are now a part of an annual fall semester program.

Entering the sixth year of the program, sophomore checkups explain about opportunities that the Career Center offers for students–like on-campus interviews–and familiarize students with resources to give students an early advantage.

Doug Hayes, the Career Center’s graduate assistant, was among the first class in fall 2009 who participated in the now annual event.

“Sophomore checkups benefit students by introducing them to services at the Career Center they can utilize to craft a lifestyle full of meaning during their time at college, and for after they graduate.”

It is not a one-way street, however. Hayes added,“the sophomore checkups also benefit the Career Center by enabling us to get to know students on a one-on-one basis so we can become more familiar with who they are and what they hope to accomplish.”

“The sophomore checkup was a quick and easy way to get acclimated with the Career Center,” said junior Michael Hurley. “It was definitely worth going to check it out to understand the resource that is available to you. I have used it to help me through the internship process, and I appreciated the help I received last year to get my most recent summer internship on my transcript.”

Junior Gwen Brassell noted that even if a student has already been to the Career Center before, going back again can only benefit students.

“Even being at the Career Center a few times prior to my appointment, I learned more about the wide range of services that the Center has to offer. I never knew some of these services existed for student use and looked forward to utilizing them as I progressed in my academic and professional career.”

According to Assistant Director of Career Services, Jyl McLaughlin, “It’s never to early to prepare. Be proactive and know your resources.”

With resumé reviews, mock interviews, on-campus interviews, internship and graduate school searches, career education classes and more, sophomore checkups give students a place to start.