Senior column

May 1st, 2014

In 18 days, my time at John Carroll will end. It was the longest and most sleepless four years of my life. After countless hours of work and school-induced stress, my hairline will never forgive me.


But you know what? I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world, because I’ve lived a John Carroll life full of incredible blessings.


You might have noticed the incredibly embarrassing pictures of me on the television screens around campus. Well, in the fall, I’ll fulfill a dream by working in Washington, D.C. at Meet the Press. What’s even more disturbing to me than how self-conscious I am about pictures is the fact that I was called a role model this week by a professor.
To be honest, just like anyone who finds success, I would be nowhere without a laundry list of people who helped me get here.


I grew up with two parents who took on extra work to put their son in position to be able to be the first in the family to graduate college. I had two academic advisors in Dr. Carrie Buchanan and Dr. Colin Swearingen who pushed me to work harder in everything I did and did not accept average products from me.


I was fortunate enough to have an advisor at this paper in Bob Noll who refused to take no for an answer when I wavered on whether or not I would come back on staff. When I did return, I had the privilege to be the assistant and friend of the most promising sophomore at this school, Joe Ginley.


I had the ultimate privilege to broadcast some of the most important sporting events in decades at John Carroll with John Kosko and Connor Glowacki. I would not have had that experience without the support of Mark Krieger and Howard Regal, who believed in our staff and let us take the WJCU Sports team to new heights.


I was also lucky enough to have possibly the greatest work study job on campus, with a boss and friend in Chris Wenzler who gave me a second family at John Carroll.


I have a roommate in Matt Duff who is the best and most loyal friend anyone could ever ask for. And finally, I have a girlfriend in Alex Higl who is not only the most talented journalist and writer I have ever seen, she also has kept me sane during the most difficult year of my life.


If I had 6,000 words to work with, there would be hundreds of people that would be added to this list. There is enough space, however, to thank some of you.


You know who you are. You’re the listeners who rocked out to our music during breakfast or listened to our games. I said it on the air during my last game in the NCAA Tournament and I mean it now: whether you listened to one minute of one game or every minute of 30 games, you mean the world to me. Saturdays will not be the same for me without WJCU.


If you cared enough to read one sentence of one of my columns, you validated for me the work I did. I even appreciate you if you took the time to be vicious to me on Twitter. Yes, I have love for you trolls out there, too.


I can’t wait to start working. It’ll be exciting to attempt to fill the comically enormous shoes that the last five fellows have left for me.


The John Carroll community has meant so much to me over the course of four years that it is a little hard to leave. But it is time for a new adventure, and maybe a little sleep.