Senior column

May 1st, 2014

Thank you to all of the editors and members of The Carroll News staff for the many memories made and lessons learned, all made possible during my time writing and editing for our collegiate newspaper in the Business and Finance section. It has been ultimately a pleasure to work beside and with the group of seniors mentioned in this special year-end issue over the last two years. Furthermore, thank you to everyone who has read this publication, and to those who are embracing the idea to read our collegiate newspaper. I believe this newspaper strives to be a resource of knowledge, insight, and entertainment for readers, and exemplifies the John Carroll University mission in this regard. The hard work and dedication of our students, instructors, faculty, administration, and families makes everything that The Carroll News does, and that all other JCU functions do, possible.


This year, I believe our university has grown tremendously, in terms of enrollment, involvement opportunities offered to students and facilities to accommodate students. Students are eager to learn, and eager to take advantage of what is offered by JCU. The passion of our student body stems from the many lessons they learn in the classroom, and through their own personal experiences. It is remarkable that we all share a common aspiration to pursue an education, and put in the time and hard work to do so.


John Carroll University has a mission, and intent, as a Jesuit Catholic University to instill students with core values during their time here. Through the opportunities provided in learning, leadership, and service, our university, program, and association builds intellect and character. Each part of John Carroll University contributes to the success of this mission for each student.


Professors work with a commitment to learning, creating an environment of inquiry. This embraces the Jesuit Catholic education, encouraging students to search for deeper understanding. This deeper understanding is in engrained in the notion that faith and reason complement each other, creating a learning experience unlike any other.
Administrators, faculty, and staff create a diverse community for students, securing the resources necessary to foster this extraordinary learning experience. They create a rigorous approach to scholarship, which promises to instill students with a commitment to values.


Families support students on their passionate quest for an education. This support in granted in many more ways than one, and is essential to the growth and development of students through the educational journey.


Finally, students have this environment presented to them, but must act on opportunities and build their foundation in learning, leadership, and service in order to be here today. With the active hard work and enthusiasm for learning that is encouraged through our university, students are equipped to enter the world and respond to the demographic, economic, and social challenges that present themselves continuously. Students will embark on different regions, different career paths, and have different personal aspirations. However, John Carroll University has created at least one constant.


That students will lead the course of their lives more intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically developed than they were before they engaged in their journey here. This transformation is rewarding, and will make a difference in so many positive and impactful ways. Thank you everyone, for fostering the environment called for through the University’s Jesuit Mission, and thank you to all the students for your thoughts, decisions, and actions that have made you who you are, and bring you on your quest for an education today. Going forward, I stress that you all share your experiences, skills, and knowledge, and be people for others in everything you do.