This week in sustainability

April 30th, 2014

The JCU Environmental Issues Group, working with associate professor of biology Christopher Sheil, is reviving the bike co-op. Through the bike co-op, any John Carroll student can go to the desk in the JCU RecPlex and sign out a bike to use.

 These bikes were donated to John Carroll by the University Heights Police Department. The bikes were found left somewhere, or stolen and never reclaimed by their owners. The hope through the bike co-op is that JCU students can give these bikes a new life instead of the police sending them to a landfill.

Currently, there are three bikes available for check out.

Move-out is fast approaching, but don’t let the prospect of that beach vacation in Cancun, or more likely, your summer job as a cashier at WalMart keep you from forgetting about sustainability when you pack up. Residence Life plans to make move-out more sustainable by providing a donation bin in the Atrium of the D. J. Lombardo Student Center to collect nonperishable food, as well as clothing items and books. The food will all be donated to the Cleveland FoodBank.

In past years, roughly 300 pounds of food was collected, according to John Mack, the assistant director of Residence Life. The non-food items will go to a variety of charities including the immersion trips here at John Carroll, Goodwill and the Fatima Family Center in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood. Mack also said that this effort to donate clothing and food (rather than throwing it out) is not only more sustainable and charitable, but it also saves students money, as John Carroll does not have to rent more dumpsters for move-out week.

In the future, Mack would like to see furniture collected alongside the food and clothes. He also plans on holding a campus “garage sale” where students can sell unwanted items to other students in the future.