Onward on for the summer

April 30th, 2014

May is always a bittersweet time of year.


The gross part of spring is fading away, summer is fast approaching and school lets out for the next three months.


But school is letting out for the next three months.


In middle school, the end of the school year represented something so much different than it does now.


It meant cleaning out your desk, writing “HAGS” (the eloquent abbreviation for “have a good summer”) and “you rock never change” in everyone’s yearbook and knowing that if you wanted to, you could see every single person that you sat next to in class that summer.


It’s not the same anymore.


Now, the end of the year means sleep deprivation, packing up the contents of a closet that could fill up a small palace, mass amounts of caffeine and heartfelt goodbyes.


That’s not to say that May as a college student isn’t fun.


I think it’s safe to say that every campus becomes twice as breathtaking and triple the amount of fun once the weather gets nice.


Especially JCU.


There are actually signs of life on the quad and there always seems to be music playing from someone’s open window.


May also means that we get to go home and see our families, not to mention vacations and no textbooks (unless you’re taking summer classes…sorry).


And although all the good may override the bad, it really is a little bit of a reality check to sit back and think about how different our lives are now compared to what they used to be.


The last thing I needed to worry about was a summer job – all I focused on was seeing as many friends as I could at the pool any given day.


Life was tough back then.


Then, all I wanted was the last day of school.


Now – okay, I still feel the same way. But now, summer doesn’t mean just a break – it’s a break from my second family, too.


I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without the friends I have here.


I severely underestimated how life-changing college would be, as well as how much the friendships would mean.


When your first family can’t be there with you, that’s when your second family comes in to save the day and pick you back up. They’re also there to make fun of you when you make a fool of yourself, but that comes with the territory.


In my humble opinion, making friends in college is arguably the best part of the experience.


Who would want to leave that behind?


I understand that friends are only a text or phone call away, but nothing compares to being two doors down from some of your best friends.


Then again, a lot of people have friends who live next door at home, unlike me. So maybe I’m just a cry-baby.


Leaving everyone was hard enough last year, and it won’t be any different next week. I can’t imagine what it must be like for the seniors – sorry, not helping.


My friends from high school are wonderful, too. And there’s really no place like home. Home-cooked meals and quality time with the fam are always special and the freedom of walking into your bathroom with no flip-flops on is a whole new level of luxury.


But in the summer, there are no roommates to come back to and talk to about the day. Ramen is no longer considered a normal choice for a meal.


There are no common rooms to hang out in with your friends that live next door.


In the summer, there are no Warrensville parties and bingo nights to look forward to.


The summer is still great, but for different reasons. And it’s still sad to go home and leave your college friends behind for a few months.


But that only means we’ll be that much more excited to come back in the fall.


Best of luck to the seniors in whatever their future has in store. And to everyone else, enjoy your last weekend of the semester and good luck on all of your finals.