AIS project engages students

April 30th, 2014




Last week on Wednesday, April 23, the Accounting Information Systems, or AIS, class at JCU taught by accountancy professor Amanda English had its operations day for a class project that English created last semester with the intent of utilizing a real world illustration of the topics taught in class.


The project uses a hands-on learning approach, which effectively engages the students to take a sense of ownership in their project role and ultimately contributes significantly to the understanding of internal controls procedures, business process documentation and the role of accounting informations systems in business organizations.


English’s project incorporates the role of several businesses in a supply chain, or a system of organizations, people, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.


The project assigns teams of students to design the organizational structure, business processes, business cycles and internal controls in place to prevent error and fraud for a small business that plays a specific role in the supply chain.


The small businesses used in the supply chain are an airliner, supplier, manufacturer, transportation company and bank.  The AIS project concludes with a business presentation.