March of Dimes launches JCU awareness, walk begins

April 9th, 2014



March of Dimes is continuing to let its presence known at John Carroll University with flyers posted all around campus. This non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting full-term, healthy pregnancies.


It is also dedicated to providing both support and information to those who need it, such as families, or simply people who want to know more about the organization and healthy pregnancies.


One of the main informational pieces March of Dimes advocates is instruction on prevention.


The three main areas of concern in unhealthy pregnancies are drugs, alcohol and smoking while carrying.


Not only does March of Dimes warn against drug abuse or recreational use of drugs of any kind, but they also discuss how crucial it is to consult a doctor before taking any prescription medication while pregnant.


Failing to do so may cause the infant to be addicted as well as suffer from symptoms of withdrawal once they are born.


Alcohol-use while pregnant is another danger the organization warns against.


Not only can the child be born with birth defects, but also the chances of a miscarriage are higher. The same applies to smoking in terms of birth defects and a difficult infancy for the child involved. Similarly, being around secondhand smoke while pregnant can cause slow growth for the child.


March of Dimes believes that prevention awareness is essential to sustain a healthy pregnancy. In order to provide information such as this on an international basis, it must first raise money.


What better way to contribute than to march with March of Dimes, right here in Cleveland?


March of Dimes believes it is just as important to make students more aware as it is families and adults.


One way for students to get involved is to atte this year’s March for Babies at University Circle. The march takes place on Sunday, April 27 at 10 a.m.


Not only does the march provide a sense of togetherness and teamwork, but according to its website, the March for Babies is the best way to help fundraise and show support for families and infants in need.


National sponsors include Macy’s, Kmart and Famous Footwear, while some local sponsors are University Hospitals MacDonald Women’s Hospital, Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, MetroHealth and WKYC.


JCU graduate student Istvan Baricz, a representative from March of Dimes, has created a Facebook page for JCU students to communicate about the march and inquire about the organization.


For more information on the march or the Facebook page, contact Baricz at or visit