Beta blues

April 9th, 2014


The national headquarters of Beta Theta Pi fraternity recently mandated a reorganization of John Carroll University’s Eta Epsilon chapter. This past week, all current members were required to reapply for membership, which was to be determined by an advisory board. In addition, the chapter is no longer allowed to participate in the 2014 Greek Week, which takes place annually in late April. These disciplinary actions were taken as a result of a series of repeated, small-scale offenses by chapter members.


The details of these offenses have not been disclosed to the public, so it’s difficult to comment on the fairness of these punitive actions. However, students must refrain from spreading rumors about the alleged transgressions before determining their validity. This stands in any similar situation involving any organization on campus, not just with the fraternities and sororities. Students must be considerate of the dignity and privacy of those involved in the situation, and continue to foster a community of respect.


Furthermore, the members of the Eta Epsilon chapter must also accept responsibility for their actions and utilize this opportunity to realign themselves with the fraternity’s ideals. The organization was founded on the basis of several values such as integrity, leadership and service. It has worked to maintain its esteemed reputation by enforcing these values with all chapters across the nation. The members of the Eta Epsilon chapter were selected with the expectation that they would continue to strive for the highest standard of excellence. So, a reorganization to achieve those goals is probably healthy for the fraternity.


Greek life would be remiss to view this situation from a narrow-minded perspective. Everyone can learn a lesson from this mistake, not just the members of the Eta Epsilon chapter. Mistakes are a part of growth, and members of Greek life can use the example of others to remind themselves of what is expected of them. The goal is to create a positive image for Greek life on campus and this can be achieved collectively by continuing to uphold high standards and supporting each other at all times.