Renowned poet becomes temporary professor at JCU

April 2nd, 2014

How often can university students say they have taken a class by an award-winning English poet? John Carroll University students can.


This class is taught by Simon Armitage, the author of 13 mainstream published collections of poems, 21 works used in TV shows and films, three for theatre and 12 radio works.


He is also a member of a band he founded called The Scaremongers.


Before publishing his full collection of poems, he had five poem pamphlets that were printed in smaller numbers by local poetry presses.


Four more publications were also printed at local poetry presses.


At JCU,  Armitage has become Professor Armitage.


He is currently in the middle of teaching a three week-long class for the department of English, in which he will discuss poetically mixed media in partnership with associate English professor and director of the graduate program Brian Macaskill.


However, these are not the only two outlets of getting in touch with your poetic side.


Armitage has managed to fit yet another event for the JCU community. He will be conducting a poetry reading on Monday, April 7. Both the seminar and the reading have been funded by the Schubert family and brought to JCU by the Hopkins Program.


Armitage, born in 1963, was not always a full-time poet, traveling the world for readings, seminars and book releases.


He was even unavailable to speak with seeing as he was in the U.K. at the time. Armitage attended Portsmouth University, where he studied geography.


After graduation, he attended Manchester University to earn his master’s degree. Until 1994, two years after his first mainstream publication, he was a probation officer.


Aside from writing, Armitage is also of vice president of the U.K.’s Poetry Society.


Since 1988, Armitage has earned 17 major awards and honors, making him one of the most decorated poets alive and writing today.


One of these honors is royal. In 2010, Armitage was awarded for his service to poetry from the Commander of the Order of the British Empire Honor List for the Queen’s Birthday.


JCU is not the only school where Armitage has become a professor.


He was a professor of poetry at the University of Sheffield in 2011.


It won’t be long before Armitage will be gone from JCU, so don’t miss this chance to hear his poetry and let your mind dance.


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