March of Dimes spreads awareness at JCU

April 2nd, 2014


As of this semester, John Carroll University is teaming up with March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting healthy, full-term pregnancies.


JCU will be posting flyers on Friday, April 4 to raise awareness for the mission of March of Dimes.


But here’s where the JCU community gets to be proactive: every year, March of Dimes runs its March for Babies fundraiser to promote its mission.


The money raised through the march goes toward research efforts for premature birth prevention as well as to help more mothers carry out full-term and healthy pregnancies.


Junior Istvan Baricz, JCU’s representative from March of Dimes, commented on how he came to start communicating to students on campus about the organization,


“I got an internship with this organization,” said Baricz.


“They wanted to get closer to John Carroll students.”


“They gave me the job of developing a communication campaign.”


Founded over 75 years ago by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, March of Dimes began funding for its research, which included the invention of the polio vaccine.


Roosevelt’s history with polio was the inspiration for its foundation in 1938.

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Additional scientific contributions include screening tests for newborns to prevent mental retardation, bone marrow transplants to treat deficiencies, treatment trials and studies of the effects of harmful substances such as alcohol and nicotine.


In 1972, March of Dimes became the first organization to find that alcohol has negative effects on pregnancies.


Since then, March of Dimes has provided not only the funding and technology to study genomes and vaccines, but information, support and comfort for families as well.


According to, 2.3 million families received information to better the health of their infants in 2013.


That same year, 90,000 families were offered the support of the organization through their support program.


This year, the March for Babies in Cleveland is on Sunday, April 27 at the Wade Oval in University Circle.


The March of Dimes team wants to spread its mission and for people of all ages, especially students, to support the mothers and families that have suffered through the premature birth of a loved one.


“The mission of March of Dimes, is first of all, for pregnant women to have full-term pregnancies, but educating students is also very important,” said Baricz.


But most importantly, March of Dimes wishes to raise support for the children.


Baricz is more than happy to answer any questions students may have about the march or the organization itself.


For more information, please contact Baricz at or visit