Hot Topics 4/3/14

April 2nd, 2014

Bus.Fin Chevy

After being named the new CEO of General Motors this past January, Mary Barra has promised to run the company with transparency. On March 20, GM put a stop order on Chevrolet Cruzes, the company’s best-selling sedan, but did not give any reasons why. GM took a day to explain that the recall on Chevy Cruzes is for axle problems, questioning Barra’s promise for transparency. GM has recalled 4.8 million vehicles since February.


German-based software company SAP aims to have one percent of its employees be those who identify as having autism by 2020. After hiring employees with autism in Germany, India and Ireland, this new program is coming to North America. SAP believes that those with autism can bring new and creative insights, as well work as software testers and debuggers based on their strong attention to detail. Currently, an estimated 85 percent of those with autism are unemployed.