Sports Roundtable: A chat about nothing

March 27th, 2014

A Chat About Nothing: Dale and Jake talk to themselves, and you!

Episode 001: Attack of the Brackets



Dale: So, how does one start one of these things?


Jake: Well… I responded… So I think this is a thing now


D: I suppose we could get this started as many conversations have this week. How’s your bracket, dude?


J: I had Oklahoma State in the Final Four, so take that any way you want. How about yourself?


D: I went with the Western Michigan over Syracuse pick. That makes me this guy.


J: Little known fact, I hit a overtime game-winning three pointer over current Bronco Connor Tava at my high school senior all-night party.


D: I’d be more impressed if your team implemented a 2-3 zone, forcing innumerable Tava turnovers. Seriously, how is it possible for Jim Boeheim to sell Syracuse as a “destination school” with how poorly his non-Carmelo Anthony teams do in the tourney?


J: I mean, they did make it to the Final Four last year. But I think you mean his non-Hakim Warrick teams. Don’t forget who blocked that shot as time expired!


D: I see your point. I guess I’m just floored by how the well known teams have been blatantly outplayed this year. Duke, Ohio State and Syracuse looked like teams with offseason plans they were late for. VCU made boneheaded plays down the stretch, and Villanova looked like they were content to just be there. What a bad first two rounds for good programs.


J: VCU should have won. Don’t get me wrong, I was screaming and going crazy when Stephen F. Austin hit that and-one three-pointer to send it to overtime, but upon further review…he didn’t touch him! Sign that guy up to star in Transformers 44 because he acted his way into the round of 32.


D: Speaking of ridiculous moments: why is Aaron Craft driving into a triple-team to throw up a terrible shot for Ohio State? No self-respecting referee is going to give a kid a chance to win the game at the line when he plunges into the lane out of control and launches the ball off of the backboard.


J: Right? Clearly the better idea would have been to just try and pull up. Sure, it’s Aaron Craft…but anything is better than that mess he got himself into.


D: Ok, let’s talk about the big dogs. How in the world are people cheering over Wichita going down to Kentucky? Why are people happy that John Calipari apparently had enough soul left to sell in order to get another championship run? He’s the embodiment of what is wrong with college athletics. Sign inner city kids looking for an escape, teach them to have a giant ego on and off the court, help them develop no life skills, then blame them and run when sanctions come. Class act.


J: I’m with you there. I was all in on Wichita, and I cannot wait for Kentucky to fall to the clear far superior teams and coaches in Louisville/Pitino or Michigan/Beilein. Calipari is a really good coach, but he’s had sanctions follow him everywhere he goes. Nailing a coach on recruiting sanctions  is one of the hardest things to prove in sports, so he will never get caught. But let’s hope he can just get knocked out soon and let the respectable coaches take over.


D: Sixteen teams remain in this year’s tournament. I know you’re a Michigan fan so obviously you’d like to see the Wolverines win. But, if Michigan falls before the Final Four, where does your rooting interest lie?


J: I’m a big fan of Virginia so I’d like to see them make the final. But I’m pulling for Dayton big time too. They’re the Cinderella this year and they don’t fear anybody. A potential Florida and Dayton Elite Eight game would be crazy, but if they can beat Florida, they can beat anybody. But seriously, as a UNC fan, what was your reaction to that crazy game last night?


D: On UNC, I’m crushed by the way that game finished, but not surprised. This was a team that played loose between the ears all year long, and I’m not shocked that a boneheaded play late cost them a shot at a game-winner. Kane’s winner for Iowa State was a fantastic move at the rim, so all the credit in the world to him and his teammates for that game.

As for Dayton, they’re definitely wearing the sweetheart crown right now and it would be unbelievable to see them finally break through; for me, I’d love to see Sean Miller and Arizona win it all. I did not pick them, but Miller is a former coach of my favorite mid-major (Xavier) and the ‘Cats play with a ton of energy. Wouldn’t that be something to see Archie (Dayton) and Sean (Arizona) have a family duel for the national title?


J: I don’t blame the players of UNC for that because they tried to call a timeout before time expired, but I don’t know how Roy Williams can think that they can advance it to halfcourt, call a timeout, and then get a buzzer beater off in under 2 seconds. Just doesn’t seem like something that would’ve been possible. Better bet would’ve been to call a time-out and hope for a miracle a la Christian Laettner. And yes, I’m aware this is blasphemy using a Duke clip to describe a UNC situation.


D: 1. That’s dark. Don’t do that again. 2. How terrible was the defense on that shot by C.L.? My goodness, that was vomit inducing if you were a Kentucky fan. “Hey, Christian, I’m going to pause for a second then lunge halfheartedly at you.” Speaking of Mr. Laettner, what was the deal with this tweet? How can you go in on your own team like that? I hate Duke so very much, but Coach K is the undisputed best coach not named John Wooden.


J: Sounds like a guy who’s living in the past and didn’t make it in the NBA… BOOM SHOTS FIRED COME AT ME CHRISTIAN LAETTNER! and the defense on that shot baffles me to this day. It’s the first thing I notice every single time I see that play. The defender puts not real effort into blocking it, pathetic.

And I totally agree, Coach K is tops all time in the coaching. March Madness has gotten the best of him lately, but it happens to everybody, and I don’t hold that against him.


D: I mean, he did average 12 points and seven rebounds a game for his career…so better than Anthony Bennett.


J: Bennett’s been in the league one year… let’s give him some time. Laettner was supposed to be special, and while he wasn’t a total bust, it’s safe to say he didn’t turn out as expected


D: Anthony Bennett showed up to work overweight and out of shape, much like me. If he can play in the NBA, so can I.


J: No, no… you’re right. This looks just like you.


D: Ok, fine, Bennett is still better than me.


J: The real question is…. How do we wrap this up?


D: Um..bye? See you next week, when we attack the whole baseball preview thing?


J: You got it dude