Woodward and Bernstein say farewell

March 26th, 2014


We knew this day was going to come. The day when the great Woodward (Jackie) and Bernstein (Abby) of The Carroll News would be sitting next to each other working on the campus section for the last time.


We have learned a lot in the past year. How to work together, how to find stories, how to put together pages, how to help writers and how to work with the rest of the staff to make a paper we can all be proud of each week.


We have valued the time we have spent with such a talented staff of writers and editors, and we will never forget working under amazing leadership like that of Dan Cooney and Brian Bayer and now Zach Mentz and Ryllie Danylko. We have the utmost respect and admiration for these fearless leaders and are thankful for their wisdom, kindness, humor and friendship. This newspaper has been a success because of the nurturing and welcoming environment that has always been the tradition of The Carroll News.


We can remember coming in inexperienced and scared, not really sure how to respond to the loud and insane place that was the newsroom. But it wasn’t long before we felt welcomed by the likes of former campus editor Spencer German and the rest of the staff. The wonderful thing about the newsroom was that no matter how stressful your day had been or what was going on in your life, there was always someone to say something kind or an Elmo interpretation by Nick Sciarappa to make you smile.


We were allowed to grow here – from writers who were sometimes too scared to walk up to random people and ask for a quote, to editors who decided that it was time to tackle the big issues no one wanted to talk about. We changed quite a bit, and that was because of the incredibly good fortune of working under people who genuinely cared about the newspaper and the people who worked here.


We couldn’t have done any of it without the inextinguishable passion of our two powerhouse assistant editors: Karly Kovac and Mary Frances McGowan. If we are Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, then they are the dream team of Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie.


Being a campus editor is an unpredictable job (to put it mildly), and we were thrown countless curveballs. But the one thing we could always rely on was Karly and Mary Frances bringing life and laughter into the newsroom without fail every week. Their cheerful determination to work tirelessly to make the paper the best it can possibly be is unmatched.


The newsroom simply will not be the same without Karly running in emergency coffee from her dorm at 2 a.m. or dancing around with the editors when deadline night gets the best of them. Losing her as an editor and writer will reverberate throughout the paper. As for Mary Frances, here’s hoping you can finally get your own theme song to play whenever you enter the newsroom next year. You deserve it, girl.


It is with heavy hearts that we leave the newspaper. We have learned so much from working on these pages, even when it was 4 a.m., we couldn’t find a source and it looked like it would be another Wednesday walking around like zombies, almost falling asleep in our Magazine Writing class. And in the end, we wouldn’t change that all-too-familiar feeling of sleep deprivation mixed with overconsumption of Guys Pizza and the indescribable joy of seeing our hard work in print for the first time each Thursday for the world.