Mo’ money, mo’ problems

March 26th, 2014

The John Carroll University Student Union votes on a $1.1 million budget proposal issued by the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee every year. This year, Student Union senators spent much more time than usual debating the proposed budget. On Tuesday, after two meetings and roughly three hours of debate, the budget proposal came to a vote by the senate. The proposal failed narrowly, with 10 senators voting to strike the bill down and nine voting to pass the recommendation.

The main issue over this debate has been the major changes made to the allocation of funds. For example, the Corbo Fitness center received $183, 500, which was $21,500 more than they requested. On the other hand, Student Union was given $40,000, which was $10,000 less than requested. If SAFAC is adamant about making such changes, they need to be explicit about their reasons for doing so and give examples of initiatives they are trying to address.

SAFAC meets with a representative from the organization to discuss financial needs for the coming year. Logically, representatives of the organizations would be best at predicting such needs. Therefore, allocating more or less funds than requested calls for a detailed explanation of the committee’s reasoning.

The best step for the committee to take at this point would be to reconsider their initial proposal. If they decide against making changes, they at least should give a breakdown of spending intentions.