Lucky Numbers 3/27/14

March 26th, 2014




7.4: 7.4 billion to one is the estimated chance of a person having a perfect bracket during NCAA March Madness. It appears as if QuickenLoans and Yahoo, who were sold an insurance policy from Berkshire Hathaway, won’t have to pay anyone out in Warren Buffett’s Billion Dollar Giveaway, which has already made over $1 billion through a rise in share price.


53: 53 is the amount of IPOs in the United States that have been released since the start of 2014, including the release of King Digital Entertainment, the owner of Candy Crush. This number is more than double the same period from last year, and could rival last year’s IPO count of 222, which was the highest since 2000.



– Information compiled by Katii Sheffield