I’m a Lammily girl, in a Lammily world: ‘Average Barbie’ set to debut on the toy market

March 19th, 2014

Move aside, Barbie, because there’s a new doll in town. Meet the new “average Barbie,” Lammily.

Lammily was created to protest the impossible body measurements of Mattel’s Barbie; if Barbie were a real person, her proportions wouldn’t even allow her to stand up. For years, the iconic Barbie doll has been criticized for its disproportionate body, excessive makeup and inappropriate clothing items.

Customers have raised concerns about the stereotypical messages these dolls are sending to young girls. To promote the natural beauty of women, no matter what shape or size, artist Nickolay Lamm has created Lammily.

Lammily is a doll that was constructed using the average measurements of a 19-year old woman. The doll’s tagline, “Average is beautiful,” is Lamm’s underlying purpose for creating Lammily – a totally different direction from Barbie.

Average Barbie Doll A&L

Lammily’s physical features include a brown, shoulder-length haircut, a rounder face with minimal makeup (giving a more natural look) and articulated wrists, knees, elbows and feet that can be bent to show movement in the body.

Lammily’s clothing depicts an “everyday look,” featuring a simple blouse, denim shorts and white sneakers. With more wardrobe pieces to come in the future, Lammily will be dressed with “striking simplicity,” a nod to comfortable, sophisticated and appropriate attire for all young women.

Last summer, Lamm went public with the design of what Barbie would look like with average body measurements. It wasn’t until earlier this month that Lamm launched his own funding project with a goal to reach a total of $95,000 in order to start the production of the dolls himself, rather than waiting for another toy company to pick up his idea.

Former Vice President of Barbie manufacturing Robert Rambeau has teamed up with Lamm in search of the perfect manufacturers for Lammily.

Currently, Lammily production has over 12,000 backers and has exceeded its funding expectations, raising a total of $430,000 that is growing daily.

Options to preorder a Lammily doll are available at a starting cost of $25 with an expected delivery date in November of this year.

Editor’s Note: Information in this article was taken from, TIME and The Atlantic.