It’s Game Day, JCU

February 26th, 2014



One of John Carroll’s athletic teams just won their first conference title in program history, and yet, I’m not happy.


I know what you’re thinking: Is he insane? What is his problem?


To be blunt, JCU, you are the problem.


The women’s basketball team ripped a nearly half-century old monkey off their back on Saturday in front of a barely noticeable student section.


This team deserves all the success it has achieved, and much better than the support the student community gave in the closing games.


Look at this team’s lineup, and understand why they’re here.


A point guard that dishes the basketball with the nation’s elite and can light it up from behind-the-arc.


A defensive presence who forces turnovers in the press against some of the best offensive players in the league.


A third guard who is a wrecking ball going to the hoop and an emotional catalyst for her teammates.


A post player that sacrifices height against her opponents but always fights for every rebound and piles up points.


And finally, one of the most dynamic players in Division III basketball in either gender that is breaking records faster than the stats can be recorded.


Allie Lustig, Daniella Rice, Emily Taylor, Beth Switzler and Missy Spahar have put together one of the best starting fives in school history.


It helps to have a fiery coach in Kelly Morrone on the sideline that makes every player on the bench hungry for more and who doesn’t accept losses.


The youth off the bench has been strong when needed. As one Spahar gets ready to leave, another has offered a peek into the future. Katlyn Spahar, Meghan Weber and Emily Johanson have all played valuable minutes this year.


With all that said, the time to support this team is now. I get it, I do. We’re here for school first, and so you have to keep up with that, especially around midterms. You also probably have weekly obligations.


But do me one favor: Make tonight about this team. Close the accounting book, push back one Greek Life meeting and put down the Xbox controller.


Pack the DeCarlo Varsity Center for another reason besides bribes of free prizes.


Fill the student section and rattle the backboard when the Polar Bears try to shoot free throws. Be mercilous when an opponent airballs a jump shot.


Give this women’s basketball team the home-court advantage it deserves for the OAC Tournament.


Be a part of history from the floor, not your dorm room.