Hot Topics 2/27/14

February 26th, 2014



HotTopics - Netflix - BusFin

Netflix Inc. has recently agreed to pay Comcast Corp. to have direct access to their broadband network. Netflix’s intent is to ensure that its movies and television shows stream smoothly to Comcast customers. The financial impact of the deal for Netflix is not clear. This marks the end of Netflix holding out on paying for a direct connection with a broadband provider.


HotTopics - SwissLife - BusFin

U.S. authorities have recently scrutinized Americans’ use of Swiss insurance products. This move signals a potential new direction in the U.S. legal crackdown on tax evasion in Switzerland, according to the Wall Street Journal. Many Swiss banks have applied to a U.S. program that ensures they won’t be prosecuted in exchange for information about American dealings.


– Information compiled by Anthony Ahlegian