The interview corner: Local band Purveyors of Fiction

February 12th, 2014


The Carroll News sat down with Andrew Minor from the local band “Purveyors of Fiction” for an exclusive interview. Here’s what he had to say:


The Carroll News: What are all the names of your band members, and what do you play?


Andrew Minor: Nick Pecone is on bass and vocals, Luke Heberle plays the drums and myself on guitar.



The CN: How can a reader get your music?


AM: We have it on our website, or if you’d like a hard copy, email purveyorsoffiction@gmail for contact information.


The CN: What music do you have and what you are working on?


AM: We have an EP called “Invisible Ink” and we’re working on another right now as we speak.

 Purveyors of Fiction A&L

The CN: Tell me about your bandmates.


AM: Luke is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met, and the guy is just on another planet. He’s probably the quietest person I know but he’s also one of the most genuine. Nick is the polar opposite; he’s a frontman with an in-your-face sense of humor and a really rad dude to be around. We are all so different but find a common ground with our music, and the result is something we are all really proud of.


The CN: Any funny stories?


AM: Nick almost passed out from dehydration during one of our songs on our very first show as a band. We poured some water on his head and now he’s all better. Also one time or another Luke has forgotten his cymbals, snare drum and/or bass drum to practice, so we have had plenty of practices without a full drumset. Also, when we went into record for our EP “Invisible Ink,” my guitar broke a string, and I had to retune another guitar because I had forgotten my strings.


The CN: What else have you worked on in the past?


AM: This is my real first project that has ever gotten out of the “jamming in the basement” phase. I’ve played with a whole bunch of people but there was never enough dedication.


The CN: How big are you trying to make this band?


AM: As big as we can be while staying true to ourselves and our commitments.


The CN: Are you going to try to get your music on WJCU?


AM: Of course, if they’ll play it.


The CN: When is your next show?


AM: March 1 at the Agora Ballroom for “The Approach and the Execution’s” CD release show.


The CN: What are some of your influences?


AM: Queens of the Stone Age, the Misfits, Nick Cave and Tom Waits.


–Interview by Alexis McNichol