Student “cooks up” event

February 12th, 2014


On Saturday, Feb. 8, small groups of John Carroll students braved the Cleveland winter weather to the Dolan Center for Science & Technology for senior Kasey Foley’s senior capstone project for the Leadership Scholars Program, “Dorm Room Chef.”


The event was sponsored by Late Night at Carroll and Peer Health Advocates.


Foley described the event as the documentation aspect of her legacy project for the program, while she spent the fall 2013 semester planning for it.


She came up with the idea with the help of graduate assistant Maura Jochum at “Late Night at Carroll.”


“We got the idea of Dorm Room Chef because she said Iron Chef [events] worked well around here,” said Foley.


Dorm Room Chef was a smoothie competition comprised of three teams. Some of the competitors were Leadership Scholars, while others were students who reached out wanting to participate.


Cooking Event A&L

Students who attended the event sampled each smoothie and rated them based on creativity and taste. They exchanged their ratings for raffle tickets to win an array of prizes, including blenders, yoga mats, Whole Foods gift cards and a Valentine’s Day basket. The documentary “Super Size Me” was shown in the Donahue Auditorium after the raffle.


There was a pizza-making station as well as vegetables, peanut butter and bananas. Pamphlets courtesy of the health center were also available for students.


Sophomore Nate Marugg commented on the change of pace compared to other Late Night events.


“A lot of other [events] don’t have food like this. This is a lot healthier. I actually enjoy these foods,” said Marugg.


Foley’s overall goal was to show it’s possible to eat healthy in a dorm, although she knows it can be difficult.


“I’m an athlete and a biology major … I know what I should be [eating] but it’s hard to do,” she said. Foley went to the campus nutritionist for a list of healthier foods, and she provided the list for everyone at “Dorm Room Chef.”


“It was a 10 p.m. event at Dolan and it was snowing, but the number of people who ended up volunteering and supporting me, I was blown away by that. I felt really supported,” said Foley.