Lucky Numbers 2/13/14

February 12th, 2014


LuckyNumbers - Sprint - BusFin

477: This is the amount in thousands of subscribers that Sprint Corp. added in the last three months of 2013. This is a sign that Sprint is beginning to cut back on its subscriber losses. These performance results are encouraging towards Sprint’s desire to acquire the smaller T-Mobile US Inc.

LuckyNumbers - Tide - BusFin

35: In response to shoppers reaching for bargain brands such as Arm & Hammer, Procter & Gamble Co. has begun to roll out a lower priced Tide detergent called Tide Simply Clean & Fresh. The new brand is 35 percent cheaper than the original Tide detergent. P&G is also raising the prices on its fancier Tide detergent varieties.


– Information compiled by Anthony Ahlegian