Seth Meyers leaves SNL, moves on to Late Night

February 5th, 2014

While most have heard of “passing the torch” in the Olympics, have you ever heard of “passing the pickle” in the world of hosting Late Night? As Jimmy Fallon moves on to the next milestone in his career hosting “The Tonight Show” and Seth Meyers retires from the “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update desk, the iconic pickle now resides in Meyers’ care.


Meyers follows in Fallon’s footsteps, from SNL cast member, to SNL Weekend Update anchor and now as host of “Late Night.”


Fallon officially passed the symbolic pickle to Meyers on one of his final nights hosting “Late Night,” saying, “I’ve been stuck with it for five years – I mean I’m so blessed to have this thing for five years. And so now I’d like to present it to you.”

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Season 5

The pickle has been passed down several generations among the “Late Night” hosts, beginning with David Letterman in 1993.


Saturday, Feb. 1 commemorated Meyers’ final night as an anchor on Weekend Update, a segment where he relays world news from the week with his characteristic charm and wit.


After starting his career on SNL in 2001 and finally working up to co-head writer in 2006, Meyers has more than proven his ability as a performer and comedic writer. In 2010, Meyers even paid a visit to John Carroll University and provided an unforgettable stand-up routine.


With his signature dimpled smile and the worldly knowledge (and strikingly similar hair) of news anchor Brian Williams, Meyers took his seat of more than seven years at the Weekend Update desk for the final time last Saturday.


His final appearance was much anticipated, and while some speculated he might leave with a musical number à la Kristen Wiig, his departure was quite simple yet entertaining – and true to his personality.


Crowd favorites Stefon, played by Bill Hader, Amy Poehler and Andy Samberg joined Meyers from “the other side,” meaning the world outside of SNL.


Stefon, a character who would visit the Weekend Update desk and inform viewers on New York’s hottest clubs, provided a laugh during the bittersweet goodbye. Poehler bestowed valuable advice and encouragement, and Samberg serenaded Meyers with some classic Boyz II Men.


As Cecily Strong, Meyers’ co-anchor during this past season of SNL, wished him luck and mentioned how much the cast would miss him, Stefon quickly interjected, saying, “You barely know him!”


All jokes aside, Meyers wrapped up his segment with an emotional farewell, and just as the camera panned away, former SNL cast member Fred Armisen staggered into view squinting off-camera, mocking ex-governor of New York David Paterson.


At the end of the show, as SNL’s band played its famous saxophone-laden farewell song, Meyers stood at the front of the cast, waving and smiling in his blue button-down shirt. As the credits rolled across the screen and Meyers’ name appeared for the final time as an SNL writer, his fellow castmates hugged him and congratulated him.


As the curtain closes, it is time for Meyers to move on to his next big career move: finding a place to store that massive “Late Night” pickle.