Murphy Hall construction: The saga continues

January 29th, 2014

The Krill Co. Inc. construction company, with the help of Hasenstab Architects in Akron, Ohio, engineers from McHenry & Associates Inc., as well as owners representative from Project and Construction Services Inc., have moved the Murphy Hall renovation along quickly and efficiently.


The extreme cold weather over Winter Break did not affect the work being done and certainly did not take a toll on the workers’ attendance.


According to Carol Dietz, associate vice president of facilities, the only days that they did not work during Winter Break were Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Some workers even came in on Saturdays in addition to work days.


The crew has had heaters inside of the building since late October/early November. The residence hall must be kept at a certain temperature in order for work such as painting to be done properly.


Dietz explained that Murphy Hall can be broken down into three sections: the West, Center and East. Construction over break began with the West section and is slowly making its way through the Center and will end with the East wing.


In the West section, dry wall and taping are complete and they are now working on finishing painting the walls of the students’ rooms. Resilient flooring is still being installed in each of the students’ rooms as well.


Soon, carpet will be installed in the common areas of each student suite. The hallways and lounge areas will also be carpeted. Light fixtures are in the process of being put in the hallways and student rooms. Starting from West to East, the East section will be the last to be completed. This carpet, painting and lighting process is projected to continue into February.


The next step after floor installation and light fixtures is the commissioning of all building systems. Everything will be checked to make sure it is connected and working properly. The plumbing and electric work will start in February and continue through April.


Currently, facilities is working with Residence Life to determine specifications and bids for furniture. They will start furnishing the student rooms, then move on to bidding on furniture for the lounge and meeting rooms.


With everything progressing as planned, the occupancy date for Murphy Hall is still the fall of 2014.