New app offers inside look at John Carroll University

January 23rd, 2014

Waking up every morning with an Inside JCU email has become the norm for John Carroll University students. Keeping up with the trends in social media, JCU has taken the daily email to the next level by creating an Inside JCU app for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

“In this first phase, much of the functionality is focused on content – presenting the existing Inside JCU and calendar info from the University in a mobile-friendly way by taking RSS feeds and information and presenting it in an easy format,” said Vice President of Enrollment Brian Williams. “There are also links when entering your campus password that pull information in from your courses such as your course rosters linked to Blackboard so you can access general information.”

The app not only aims to inform students about campus news, events and sports teams, but also about academic news, courses and faculty and staff directories.

The app gives students the ability to sync their class information, eliminating the extra time it takes to access Blackboard for class announcements. The notifications can be displayed in the app.

JCU plans to continue making campus information available on mobile devices. Williams said the University’s vendor partner for the app has built a mobile registration interface with Blackboard and Bannerweb that will allow students to add and drop courses using the app.

“I look forward to our testing and implementing that functionality. There are also other utilities such as campus maps and tours for prospective students, and other more interactive features that we are starting to explore and will roll them out strategically and as timely as we can,” said Williams.

After recent incidents of malfunction, the app appears to be working smoothly. The University wants to continue to move away from content updates and towards interactive features.