Having social savvy

December 12th, 2013

Advances in technology and media have created new and effective ways for us to communicate and foster relationships with each other. Emailing has become a prevalent tool in the business setting, as well as in the academic setting. Even more so, social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook have seen increased use by companies. Given this trend, I believe it is important to understand how to properly use email and social media in the business setting.

Key things to focus on when emailing are your intended audience, the message you are trying to convey and the desired outcome of your message. The formality of your email will weigh heavily on identifying your audience’s expectations. Identify who your audience is, how often they use email to communicate, your relationship with them, how well you know them and what kind of impression you want to make.

Important components of an effective email are the subject line, your greeting and your sign-off. Treat your subject line like a headline, highlighting the key point or take away from your email. Use effort in your greetings and sign-offs in order to give a respectful impression. Some additional tips for writing more effective emails are to strive for clarity and brevity in your writing, format your message so that it is easy to read, reflect on the tone of your message, think about your message before you write it and most importantly, proofread.

With social media, be conscious of what you repost and retweet. In the perception of others, you may have adopted the words or implications made by what you are sharing. Similar to your emailing, always be clear in what you convey, and avoid being misleading.  With these tips, you are on your way to taking advantage of the many opportunities the advances in technology and media have provided for us.


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