The Student’s guide to a DIY Halloween

December 10th, 2013

Being away at school can make classic Halloween projects difficult, but not impossible. Do-it-yourself creations like homemade costumes and dorm room decorating are fun and easy ways to get into the Halloween spirit.

DIY Decoration

It is very simple to add some spooky décor to your dorm. Spiderwebs hanging from the walls are an easy and fun way to make your floor look haunted. Just take jumbo-sized cotton balls (which can be found at a local drugstore) and stretch out the cotton until it looks stringy, like a cobweb. Then simply tape the webs to the walls for a creepy effect, sure to make the people on your floor scream.


DIY Costume

There are plenty of easy DIY costumes from the classic ghost to a toilet paper mummy. However, if you want to get noticed this Halloween, a great DIY costume would be a piñata. For this festive look, all you need is a plain dress or, if you’re a guy, a body suit. Attach multicolored streamers to your clothing with glue and in no time you’ll have a costume that stands out among the crowd. For a finishing touch, add a donkey tail made of long streamers.


DIY Recipe

Everyone knows the most delicious treats are always homemade. To satisfy your sweet tooth, try making a quick and easy candy apple. Grab a few apples, melt some chocolate or caramel, and make sure you have plenty of toppings. Once you dip your apple in the chocolate or caramel, sprinkle on some toppings or just leave it plain for a delicious Halloween snack.