Local music artist profile: Filmstrip

December 10th, 2013

Brought together by brotherhood and friendship, Filmstrip is a band that, after growing apart, came together to make a unique, quality sound. Playing together for the better part of a decade, Filmstrip started as a middle school band and then evolved into a group that combined different musical paths.

After playing with different bands for many years, brothers Dave Taha (guitar, vocals) and Matt Taha (bass,vocals) along with their friend Nick Riley (drums), returned to their roots, bringing their experiences from other bands to the table.

“As a trio, we are able to be really expressive, yet still have a minimalist approach,” said Dave Taha. “It’s just the chemistry that we have together. Music is like a second language to us — we speak to each other in music, and I think that it really shows through in our live performances and in our record as well. Just the dynamics and the way that we are, we pride ourselves on being tight. We’re proud of what we do and I think that we do it well.”

The band went down to Echo Mountain Recordings — a place that recorded many well-known musicians like Tom Petty, U2, George Harrison and The Avett Brothers – to record their second LP, “Moments of Matter.” While the band’s first record had a more punk, angsty edge about it, Dave Taha urged that this album will bring together a more soulful influence with a more classic approach.

“We’re just letting it all go and we’re not going to try to please anybody but ourselves. If we like the way it sounds, we hope everyone else will too. We’re not trying to establish ourselves in any kind of scene, we’re just being ourselves and doing what we do and hopefully that will translate itself.”

Dave Taha urged that having the opportunity to record at Echo Mountain was an honor. “A real wake up moment for us. We recorded about 35 songs in six days and I think about 10 of those will make the final record.”

The album will be released in the spring. At WJCU, some of the songs from the new album have been featured and have been well-received.

“We were initially going to release that version, but we want to be able to hone it down into something that we can put on vinyl so it has to be a little bit shorter,” said Dave Taha.

Dave Taha says that the band’s eclectic exposure has helped contribute to the edge of their new album and has influenced their writing style.

“My taste has grown a lot more diverse since [I was younger], from punk to indie rock. My mom was really into music and played a lot of music when I was growing up, and so I was exposed to a lot of different types of music at an early age. My influences were Justin Lee and ‘90s rock when I first started to play music [and] I have grown to like country, blues and all kinds of different music.”

Some people have referred to Filmstrip’s style like that of Neil Young.

“Sometimes I feel like we were born in the wrong decade,” said Dave Taha. “If we were born in the ‘70s, it might have been easier to put out a record.”

Filmstrip’s next performance is on Saturday, Nov. 30 at Mahall’s in Lakewood with Seafair and Texas Plant for their EP release party.