The quest for caffeine: Cleveland style

December 2nd, 2013

In today’s fast-paced world, coffee and higher education practically go hand-in-hand. College students are notorious coffee addicts, which is understandable considering the significant increase in schoolwork from high school to college. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of a caffeine boost to help you through your 18 credit hours, part-time job and multiple extracurricular activities. Whether you’re looking for a homework hangout or a place to spend time with friends, here are five local coffee shops to check out when you want to expand your horizons beyond Starbucks.


The hipster hangout 

Phoenix is a quaint coffee shop located in Coventry. It is fairly busy at all times of the day, because it is one of the most popular shops in the area, so make sure not to stop by when you’re in a rush. However, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming with a large fireplace that is perfect to study by. Its prices are also very reasonable, the coffee is fair trade and they have a variety of unique tea flavors.

Must-try coffee: Rose Bud Tea, Fruity Rwandan, Blondie Coffee Shake

1793 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Heights


Best quick stop

Bruegger’s Bagels sells more than just bagels. They also offer sandwiches and delicious Arabica coffee. There is always fresh coffee waiting, but the shop is usually hectic and loud, so it is best to take your food and drinks to go. It is perfect for commuters or any coffee addict, because you can purchase Bruegger’s bottomless mug and receive unlimited coffee, tea, or soft drinks until Dec. 31, 2013.

Must-try coffee: French Toast Coffee

14483 Cedar Road, South Euclid


Fair trade 

Funky décor and mismatched furniture define the atmosphere at Deweys Fair Trade Coffee. A variety of artwork is displayed along the bright orange walls of the shop, which is connected to the Popcorn Shop Factory next door. Customers can customize their drinks by selecting flavors from a list of various syrups such as cinnamon and French vanilla. This cozy shop is located less than four miles from JCU, sells fair trade coffee and is a relaxing environment for hanging out with friends.

Must-try coffee: Mocha Swirl


Tastiest treats

Luna Bakery Café provides not only coffee, but breakfast and lunch as well. Their dark roast coffee and some of their specialty drinks are available either hot or iced. Standard drinks such as lattes, mochas and cappuccinos are also offered. This small, quaint café is divided into two rooms with plenty of seating. Beyond coffee, the menu is comprised of breakfast options along with salads, soups, paninis, crepes and pastries.

Must-try coffee: Iced coffee with a vanilla flavor shot

2482 Fairmount Boulevard, Cleveland Heights


Best study hub

Peet’s Coffee & Tea recently replaced Caribou Coffee at La Place Fashion Center near Beachwood Mall. It greets its customers with warm-colored décor and provides a wide selection of delicious, unique flavors. A friendly staff and acoustic indie music bolster the relaxed atmosphere that is also ideal for studying. Customers can sign up for the Peet’s email list for the chance to be one of the 25 monthly winners of gift cards, coffee beans or tea tins.

Must-try coffee: Maple Latte and Toasted Marshmallow Mocha

2101 Richmond Road, Beachwood