Abracadabra Alakazam: JCU hosts magician Derek Hughes

December 2nd, 2013

On Thursday, Oct. 10, John Carroll  University hosted a well-known magician and actor, Derek Hughes, in the Lombardo Student Center Atrium. Food, drinks and even cupcakes were the main attraction until Hughes set foot on the stage. All audience members were hooked from beginning to end.

Hughes, a seasoned magician, was no stranger to the JCU campus. Student Union Programming Board executive member and sophomore Matt Hribar, said, “This isn’t the first time having Hughes on campus.” According to Hribar, Hughes performed at JCU three or four years ago. After attending a programming convention in February, SUPB decided to bring him back. Hribar added, “He’s really funny, he’s really cool and he pushes boundaries.”

“These programs are great for campus, great for students and everyone is entertained,” said Hribar.

Indeed everyone was entertained. From start to finish, the audience roared with laughter. Hughes kept everyone amused by

involving audience members in his performance.

Event coordinator and sophomore Corinne Hendrock said she was nervous because this was her first event as an on-campus coordinator. “Once Derek showed, the food was set up, and people were arriving, I started to calm down,” said Hendrock.

As the night went on, Hendrock felt even more relieved. “A lot more people showed than I expected. Even the One-Act performers came,” she said.

The event even drew in people who were just walking by the atrium.

Hendrock said that she was pleased with the event’s outcome. She describes working with Hughes as more than wonderful. “Having his set was awesome,” she said.

Much like the audience, Hughes also enjoyed himself. “I had a really good time with the group tonight,” he said. “It was a fun event.”

In addition to performing and making jokes, he also converted some skeptics into believers.

“I spend a lot of time with my magic,” Hughes said. He takes skeptics into consideration and tries to eliminate possible solutions people may have in their minds to one of his tricks. “I try to erase all loose ends or weak points, so the only solution left should be magic,” said Hughes.

Hughes does not believe in revealing any of his magic tricks because he says magic is based on secrets.

“When I was younger, my teachers did not just tell me the secrets to the magic tricks I wanted to learn,” recalls Hughes. “I had to do research and I had to practice.” Hughes said that if his mentors had given him the answers, he definitely would not be where he is today – magic wise.