Students make their voices heard for SU executive board

November 14th, 2013

The votes are in for this year’s Student Union executive board. 865 students voted this year, which is 28 percent of the John Carroll University student body.

The president-elect is junior Tim Ficke, who said he ran for president because he wants to give back to the JCU community.

“JCU has provided me with so many opportunities and has helped me grow as a person,” Ficke said. “I want to ensure this happens for future Blue Streaks.”

Ficke has been a part of SU for two years, first as a senator for the class of 2015 and then as executive vice president. He plans to work with Residence Life to have monthly meetings in the halls as well as implement an academic advisor evaluation system, similar to that of professor evaluations.

Students elected junior Tim Johnson, who ran unopposed, as executive vice president. Johnson has been a senator for the class of 2015 since last January.

“I wanted to run for vice president because I want to implement meaningful change both as a medium for students to voice their concerns and also as a concerned student with my own plans for improving campus life as a whole,” said Johnson.

Johnson’s number one goal in office is to make the Grasselli Library and Breen Learning Center a more student-centered, easily-accessible resource for the student body.

The vice president of business affairs-elect is junior Elliott Schermerhorn. For the past year, Schermerhorn has been a senate representative on the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee.

The new vice president of judicial affairs is junior Scott Stewart, who also ran unopposed. Stewart is currently on the judicial board for Sigma Phi Epsilon and the Interfraternity Council.

“I ran because the position pertains to my current career path of federal law enforcement,” said Stewart. “Having the chance to attain experience in judicial affairs will boost my experience in the field.”

His chief goal is to have 100 percent accuracy in each case presented, and also to have quality communication with board members to ensure they have no predispositions of individuals that they may know prior to hearings.

Students elected sophomore Cole Hassay as vice president of student organizations. Hassay has served as the senator for the class of 2016 for the past year.

“I ran because it is exciting to be a part of change that helps the student body,” said Hassay.

As VP of student organizations, Hassay will distribute money to campus organizations and help new organizations come to campus. Hassay’s primary goal is to help organizations on campus continue to grow and thrive by meeting with them to find out their needs.

Junior Danni Keane, who ran unopposed, is the vice president of programming-elect.

“SUPB was the first way I made friends on campus and it has given me so much,” said Keane. “I thought it was only fitting that I give back to it.”

Keane’s first goal is to increase SUPB’s presence on campus. She would like to see more student attendance at events on campus and plans to make this a reality by listening to what the  JCU students want.

The new vice president of communications is freshman Catie Pauley. She has been the assistant to the current VP of communications, junior Brianna Lazarchik, and worked closely with Lazarchik over the summer.

“My number one goal is to enhance communication between the students and Student Union,” said Pauley. “Many students do not know what Student Union does and they should know that we do a lot.”