Continuing the JCU tradition: Forever Carroll campaign supports students

October 31st, 2013

Last May, the Forever Carroll campaign was announced to the John Carroll University community. A celebration was held to proclaim the beginning of a fruitful campaign that would propel JCU into a better future. The campaign has been successful for the past few months; however, many students have questions about how the campaign works, how they will benefit and how they can contribute.

According to Vice President for University Advancement Doreen Riley, the ongoing capital campaign model is three-pronged. When the Forever Carroll campaign was in the formative stages before the official announcement, it was said to be in the “quiet phase.”

As the campaign assumed capital and was ready to be announced on an official basis, it was sent to the “public phase,” which is where the Forever Carroll campaign is currently stationed.  When it achieves its goal of raising $100 million, it will be in the “wrap-up” phase, where necessary steps will be made to finalize the current campaign and plan for the next. So far, $63 million has been raised through the Forever Carroll campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to “help students utilize their full potential and help John Carroll be recognized as one of the nation’s most distinguished values-driven universities,” according to the Forever Carroll website.

The overwhelming focus of the campaign is on the JCU student body, with the idea of improving student experience and raising JCU to new heights. There are four pillars that provide framework for the campaign: investing in students, enriching the academic experience, building on our Jesuit heritage and enhancing student experience.

The goal of investing in students is rooted in the necessity of a strong scholarship fund. By having endowed scholarships, students will have the opportunity to attend JCU regardless of their financial background.

“Our biggest priority is our students,” Riley said. “We are invested in raising money for scholarships and financial aid. Alumni have donated in amazing ways, which should make the students very happy.”

Sophomore Angelica Carrino was relieved and excited after she heard this information.

“I wasn’t really sure what the Forever Carroll campaign was funding, but knowing that most of it is going towards scholarships is really great,” said Carrino.

The second goal of the campaign is to ensure that the curriculum and staff at JCU remain relevant and competitive by endowing esteemed chair members and professors and investing capital in academic programs that attract students to campus, such as the Tim Russert “Meet the Press” Fellowship.

On Oct. 30, JCU President the Rev. Robert Niehoff, S.J. announced that alumnus Ray Smiley and his wife, Eleanor, donated $2.5 million to fund an endowed chair, The Raymond and Eleanor Smiley Chair in Business Ethics, in the John M. and Mary Jo Boler School of Business.

The campaign also strives to make JCU the most comfortable environment possible, by funding projects such as the Murphy Hall renovation, the Hamlin Quad project and future residence hall improvements.

The last goal of the campaign is building on JCU’s Jesuit heritage.

According to Paul Murphy, vice president of university mission and identity, the task JCU is currently faced with is ensuring that it maintains its Jesuit identity in a school that is largely run by lay people. The fund will help ensure that every student that wants to take part in an immersion trip will be able to have some of the cost covered through the generous support of donors.

“Students should feel that they are taking part in something very special, and regardless of how much they are able to give, they are investing in John Carroll’s future,” said Riley. “Not everyone can write a $3 million check, and that’s fine. It demonstrates that we all care about John Carroll’s future, so make a gift at whatever level you can, every gift counts.”