Stake in scholarship

October 10th, 2013

If you could invest in anything, what would it be? Would you be surprised if I mentioned you are already currently investing in one of the most important investments you will ever make? I believe there is much potential to benefit from my current largest investment, my education.

American business magnate, investor, programmer, inventor and philanthropist Bill Gates states in his book, “The Road Ahead,” that education is the best investment we can make due to our presence in an information age containing continuous growth, innovation and change.

The skills learned from an investment in education can boost economic growth, foster peace, increase personal income, reduce poverty and promote health.

The Global Partnership for Education reports that when the enrollment rate for secondary schooling is 10 percent higher than the average, the risk of war is reduced by about three percent. Another statistic that this organization provides relating to the investment in education is that an extra year of schooling increases an individual’s earnings by up to 10 percent.

Most importantly, I believe an investment in education can create opportunities for sustainable and viable economic growth, through the stimulation of helping people working together with transparency, good governance and stability.

The impact of investment in education is profound. Education results in raising income, improving health, promoting gender equality, mitigating climate change and reducing poverty. If you want to make an investment that  you will capitalize on, continue to invest in yourself and make the most out of your education. I assure you that it will pay off in many aspects of your life.


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